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and bottom line. the stock is still halted. but what has spooked investors on this is the motorola mobility cut there. it was much bigger than expected loss which hadn't been telegraphed to the street. you are supposed to let the street know and warn that things aren't going to be as good, but on top of that, the losses are the first ever year over year decline in adjusted earnings for google since it went public, and that was back in 2004. so again, the numbers are out. the word is that the form, which is called an -- [inaudible] -- if you will forgive me for looking at my computer. it has been filed with the sec. the numbers are the same. google ceo larry page is making comments right now. let me tell you, he says quote revenue was up 45% year on year, and at just 14 years old for the company, quote, we cleared our first 14 billion revenue quarter. putting a positive spin on this, and i don't mean to use the word spin in any negative or positive way, but again the issue was with motorola mobility, and the stock, basically what you saw there was a 527 million loss from the motorola mobilit
questions about motorola's revenue and misses with motorola and was it wise for google to take on a hardware company. you will have a lot of questions about google's revenue picture on ad advertizing and what is happening but get more clicks but make less money per click going forward. liz: the call is beginning but just the preamble where they put in a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. they announce larry page will be on the call. if we anticipate what analysts will ask, it will be how can you not telegraph there were bigger problems than the street was expecting from motorola mobility? they acquired that company as a patent mine. they thought they would mine the patents and get hardware for a phone, is that right, adam. >> that's right. there will be a lot of questions about motorola. at the end of the day google has gotten into a huge fight with apple because of their plans regarding android operating system and their movement into mobile delivery devices. they see it as their future. there is pain right now. pcs will in the ever go away but pcs are getting behind us. pcs are the past. google h
's google's newest division >> tom: then there's google's newest division, motorola mobility. in may, google spent $12.5 billion for motorola's cell phone business. while motorola added more than $2.5 billion in sales in its first full quarter with google, the division still lost money, more than a half-billion dollars. because the news wasn't expected until after the close tonight, trading in google shares was halted for two and a half hours. it restarted with less than an hour before the closing bell, and the stock fell 8%, closing at a five-week low. james dix covers google as an analyst at wedbush morgan. james dix joins us at the nasdaq. i want to start with the ad rates, four quarters in a row google has seen the amount it got paid per click fall, down 15% this past quarter, 16% a quarter ago, 12% at the beginning of the year and late last year down 8%. is it making up for the lower prices by selling more, though? >> yes, i think in part that what is happening, one thing you should pay attention to a little bit this quarter is you had a currency impact on the cost per click, if you exc
at how the motorola acquisition may have affected them. the per share numbers were way down, and worse than that, i guess, from the stock investor's point of view is the idea that on a revenue basis and net income basis, it surprised wall street. apart from the fact that the early release was a surprise. >> early release is a surprise, it would be surprising if they had such bad numbers that they wouldn't have preannounced to somehow prepare the street. we are waiting to hear from the company. stock is halted and no doubt on news pending here. we are having trouble actually getting the information on the nasdaq trader site. looks like this is a day for glitches here. no indication yet as to when the stock will be reopening. but as you can see, before it was halted, certainly took a big hit. come out to the wall and take a look at what the collateral damage is looking like for a lot of the other stocks that are internet advertising related. most of them going to be reporting next week. facebook off more than 3.5%. zynga off 1.4%. microsoft reports this afternoon. search not as huge an i
. >> you have the mobile problem and the motorola problem. >> mobile is a bigger problem. >> if you could see what was happening in facebook shares yesterday, same issue because it's clearly impacting everybody. nobody be's figured out a way to make a dollar. >> and other analysts have said i don't understand why google would be different. if you're worried about mobile and how nobody has figured out how to make money off of mobile and get the ad space there. >> has anyone gone on to google today? if they had a sense of humor, it would be -- >> 1987 crash? >> no, they would be mocking themselves. >> there is nothing on there today. straight old google. >> maybe next use on the anniversary of. >> i know we'll keep doing that. i was there. where were you in 1987? you were in like fifth grade. >> i was president of the spanish club. >> i was 11 years old. no, 10. >> fourth or fifth grade. >> i was under my desk with all my clients calling. and when i'd pick up the phone, they would say joe kernen there and i'd go-will-what number were you trying to reach? no, this is not ef hut ton. no, i an
% there were two things that concerned investors. the motorola -- we saw them integrate motorola and we saw motorola losses for more than a billion dollars. you also saw that investors were really worried about the cost per clack. it was off 15%. when they heard the earnings call, about half an hour ago, the cfo explained that it was because of currency fluctuations. look, i will not kid you. i would question whether there really that bad. when you let dad do go, we should be evaluating it according to it -- when we evaluated, we should be evaluating it towards its topline business. >> aren't investors worried that google can not make as much money from internet as everyone has been helping? >> we are worried about it. we have seen across the board that all the internet companies have been telling us they're concerned that everyone is moving to a mobile platforms, but nobody can figure out advertising on mobile platforms. companies like google, facebook, have been telling us, and we may be suffering some weakness in our business in the short term. i want to draw our attention to the fact th
. john ford, they did pay $12.5 billion for motorola mobility. they're trying to make that work as well. we're about 90 seconds away from the reopening here. >> they are. that's going to be one of the things that gets a lot of focus because of the more than $.5 billion loss there. there are a number of issues on the cost side. investors wondering on how much of an impact we'll see like on cost per click. >> on the motorola, it's not really a loss. it's a write down on the cost of that. that could prove to be -- because they're acquiring a platform linked to android. they really are thinking about the next ten years of bringing together search on a mobile platform that they now currently own and control and write the software for one of the most ubiquitous mobile platforms in the world. >> we are waiting for google to reopen. >> that it true. that is true. >> zach, you're going to kill me for this, but you're the trader. you're the guy that has to make these split -second decisions. how is this going to reopen? >> look, i'd take a 10% down on google as a real opportunity to look at this.
, nicole, for motorola. as we get details, whether we wanted them or not, and i don't think the company wanted us to have them, but here we go, nicole. >> that's right. they have motorola under their umbrella. chatting with jason, and we talked about the revenue, a half billion missed. i said it seems like a lot, and jason, you don't feel like it is a miss? >> i'm not an amist, it's a big number, and it's not a rounding error, but the company is a power house, and i want to take people back to when the company announced steve jobs is leaving, and look at how the investment community reacted to that adversely, and the stock dropped like a rock. look where it is today. it should be taken with a grain of salt, and until people listen to the conference call to understand what's behind the numbers, they shouldn't jump to conclusions. p dennis: guys, you talk tech stocks, but the other side, they missed 4% on revenue, missed by 15% from expectations on earnings, and cheryl may just really put it right when she said look at motorola mobility. google's results included, and that business is los
of motorola mobility. at the end of the day, third quarter income down 20%, and their share price, while up over the last three months, 18%, it's halted today, and we saw the plunge when the report came out pending, a line in the filing that says pending a statement, a quote from mr. paige. we'll have the conference call at 4:30, but perhaps some kind of statement from google within the next few minutes before trading can start again. >> all right, adam, thank you. bringing in an analyst to get take on things, ken marlin of marlin associates. address the issue of the midday report. what do you think of it? was it on purpose? >> i have no idea. i certainly saw the announcement pending a quote from larry paige. it certainly suggests that the report was not ready for prime time, but i think we're going to have to wait and see what he says. >> at the end of the day, doesn't change the fact it was a big miss. what do you think of that? where do you see the problems coming in? >> you know, such are the trials and try bylations of being a public company which is what google bought when it decided
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any money on just telling the tablet. finally there is motorola, a half billion dollar operating loss in that division was not just the phones, it was the set top boxes causing to lose money too. others maintain their bullish ratings, but as i wrote months ago. this is an issue motorola for how google will manage this integration. google executives were telling me that they don't plan to proactively shut those down, just let the feature phone business wind down overtime. if that's still their plan they could have pain in this area for time to come, guys. >> thank you, john. when i look at other headlines about google that we have not paid so much attention too, i wonder if we look at what happened with motorola and wonder if they're still trying to throw spaghetti at the wall, are they unfocused? does the press release early reflect a little scatter brainness? >> i will let you answer too, john, but my first sense is no. the release was related to r.r.donnelly. it's a black box to some extent, isn't it, john? how much are they spending or losing on the nexus are questions that a numbe
of motorola. >>> another hot day today, but a cool-down is in store into the weekend. tomorrow, temperatures will drop as much as 20 degrees in portions of the bay area. we'll continue the cooling saturday and sunday. temperatures back in the 60s everywhere. fog building up along the coastline right now, and we have more cloud cover in store this weekend as the system up to the north starts to drop down into the bay area. tell make its way to us by monday, and that is going to bring us cooler temperatures and even some rain. more on that in a moment. tomorrow, out the door, cooler than today. more 50-degree readings, low 60s near the coastline where we're going to be seeing that fog. noon, temperatures slower to warm. 60s through the east bay in the delta but climbing into the 70s by the 3:00 hour. 77 in san jose, 74 in mountain view. the inland valleys in the upper 70s, low 80s for the east bay shores. coastline, the 60s. in the north bay, insteven in nap a-- 77 in napa. 78 in santa rosa. the cool-down continues into saturday, sunday, and monday, when the big rainstorm pushes into the bay a
and its up 45% from a year earlier, but net income fell on losses from motorola and a slow down in parts of its advertising business. one cause of the shortfall is that consumers are migrating to mobile devices where google doesn't generate as much ad revenue takes does from the desktop. on google's earnings call, larry page expressed the huge potential in mobile saying the company now has an $8 billion mobile run rate. though the vast majority will be ad ads this throughs apps and devices. page struck an upbeat note saying google is uniquely positioned to take advantage of that shift to mobile. from cnbc in los angeles, i'm julia boorstin. >> you you can see samsung electronics down 2.6%. other tech majors also all down. >>> microsoft's frosts also fell 22% missing forecasts. it deferred revenue from windows 8 which launches next friday. microsoft also felt the impact of the general slump in pc sales and of course europe's economic woes weighed on results. shed buildiding 1.3%. and one analyst says the jury is still out on the latest microsoft software and that will be at 5:45 a.m. east
google, this is company despite hits they're taking on motorola, moving out of its realm of advertised based revenue generator at your computer and at your pc and they talked about this a few statements from larry page. incredibly excited about the opportunities ahead. that is a no-brainer. you expect him to say that but great products that are defining the future. he is talking about the nexus 7 and tablet they hope will give real headaches to apple but they also talked about, and this was a figure, you can mess with a run rate but he talked about an $8 million mobile run rate last year -- 8 billion. only included revenue from mobile ads but revenue from google play content and consumer spending across the applications you can get at google. this is where they're putting their future. to put it into contextings facebook is saying they're trying to figure out how to monetize mobile devices. google putting a strategy that is painful, you see it in the numbers but if you're an investor this is kind of thing that might pay off down the road. melissa: i want to ask you about larry page bec
of those was by motorola. google owns motorola. however there is something to think about not selling your cases of google but tivo could be on on top of this one. >> they have been struggling but they do not seem irrelevant. especially with an apple television down the road toward the denouncing -- relevant. however, the stock is still out there but i would avoid it fundamentally. legal wise, they are fine. >> another loser is a target toward keep in mind i am the christmas grinch. but i think that they started on october allotment. that is 1.5 months before thanksgiving with 20 percent of the year left on the start advertising. there were 90 degree days in october across the nation. they are trying to reach the high for organized persian the compulsive shopping and it is incredibly competitive. and the hyper-compulsive highly organized shopper was their target by advertising so early cured >> and also, mitt romney was talking about filling this cabinet when he was governor of massachusetts. he could not find enough women contenders and went to a women's organization and they gave him bin
51.56% of the market. and google bought motorola. and on top of everything else, google as -- and they own youtube. see all those new tv shows popping up on youtube? i think that percentage goes bigger going forward. and that's just in the going forward business. goinged is truly a -- international sides of business growing rapidly. google is a thing of beauty. no debt. i am also a believer in management. i remember when co-founder larry pace took over in december of 2011. the guy's done a great job, extreme lining the company. even though google is the $758 stock. but google gets insanely cheap. 20 times the numbers. here's the bottom line, google and amazon have been anointed. so believe me when i tell you that growth center managers are going to keep buying global management stocks, i -- try to go out three months from now, maybe four, that's the strategy i had voe cat getting back to even and actually having going it. why this way? because funny thing about momentum, if it does reverse itself, if something disappointing happens, these two things become the -- allow y
player, and i know they are very good. bought motorola, gave them a ton of patents and the costs have worked their way through. oh, on top of everything else, google has a social strategy with google plus. they have a consumer-oriented cloud ecosystem. and they own youtube for good measure. see all those new tv shows popping up on youtube? advertising $600 billion global market. less than penn% of that is online. i think that percentage gets much bigger going forward, which means a lot more money for google. and that's just in the core business. don't forget, google is truly a global company. 54% of the sales from outside the u.s., dollar getting weaker versus euro is going to help them. the international side of the business growing rapidly. google's balance sheet $43 billion in cash, no debt. i'm also a believer in management. now i remember when co-founder larry paige took over as ceo in april of 20 leonardo. oh, there were a ton of doubters. but the guy has done a great job, streamlining the company by reorganizing around individual product areas and focusing on relentless innovat
motorola to really make a difference on our bottom line. i think they should not spend much time on really important things that are important to analysts like mobile, like monetization, like cost per click, like currencies. the thing is, those are things of the past. this is a company that likes to focus on things in its pipeline and the way it's differentiating itself from other companies. >> all right. we want to take you to the call right now. the director of investor relations is speaking, jane penner. let's listen in. >> also, as you know, we distribute our earnings release through our investor relations website located at investor.google.com. please refer to our ir website for our earnings. this call is also being web cast from investor.google.com. a replay of the call will be available on our website later today. let me quickly cover the safe harbor. some of the statements we make today may be considered forward looking, including -- >> we're going to go back when they actually get to business. gene muenster, interesting in that room. a lot of people wondering why so far we haven't
on mobile were actually really good. their problems were with motorola mobility pmplt all right. so it doesn't really give you any info there. let's talk about these charts. google and facebook. what with do you like in terms of the technicals. >> i like google, but let's look at facebook. you don't have to be an expert to know this does not look too good. a lot of clients say we might be puts in a base. is that true? i don't think so. i think we're setting up for another leg lower. the reason i say that is the simple issue of supply and demand. when facebook came to market, a lot of shares flushed the market. not that much demand, pushed lower. you moved ahead to november, we're also going to see another lock expire and more shares hit the market. with no demand, we think it's going to go lower. >> so both. you want to be expecting lower lows here. >> yes, exactly. >> is there anything you would say, you know, represents some kind of a buying opportunity that you would say, okay, now might be the time to get in on these names? >> i wouldn't be looking at facebook until it drops under 15. >>
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. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >>> well, mitt romney saved the salt lake city olympic games from becoming a financial disaster and he shares a common religious bond with so many there, as you might expect the republican nominee to garner an endorsement from the city's major newspaper. think again. the salt lake tribune is endorsing president obama, citing a number of reasons, including the president's stimulus spending, auto industry bailout, and foreign policy. about romney, "the tribune" says he morphed into a friend of the far right and quickly shifted back to the center. too many mitts lacks detail. talk about -- with a smile, the endorsement coming from the onion. of course the last we saw of edwards he was emerging from a north carolina courthouse a free man back in may after an acquittal and mistrial. related to campaign corruption charges. the onion says this country needs a man like edwards to appeal to the better angels of our nature. quote, a leader well versed in the moral and legal foundations of our freedoms, and will work to up
to mobile devices w it doesn't have as big of a presence. also, motorola, which google acquired in recent months, is weighing on the result. google's stock dropping 8% yesterday, wiping out about $22 billion of the company's market value. angie? >> jackie deangelis, thanks. >> time fnow for weather and traffic op the ones. tom's here. how are we doing on the rain? >> lellingts think about the weekend instead. >>> still some lingering rain this morning. one last batch of moderate to heavy rain, going back to storm team 4 radar now. that area where you see the moving yellow and orange, flashes of lightning in that. now in the northern neck of virginia, crossing the potomac and coming into charles county. expect charles county and into prince george's county, over the next half hour, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. no severe weather, but enough certainly to cause delays to the morning commute. farther west and north, a few scattered light showers. right now mild. low to mid-60s in the metro area. upper 60s year the bay. farther west, shenandoah valley in the mountains of western maryland
for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. >> in this morning's consumer alert, graco is recalling thousands of high chairs this morning due to a fall hazard. the recall covers about 86,000 graco classic wood high-chairs in the united states. the company says the chair seat can become loose or detached from its base. graco has received nine reports in which children did fall. consumers are urgedy to stop using the chairs. a warning for car owners whose air bags have been replaced in the last three years. in a government test of 11 counterfeit bags last month, officials discovered 10 of them never inflated or failed to inflate properly. one counterfeit bag shot flames and shards of metal to the crash test dummy. we have a link on our website, wbaltv.com. it seems like we keep spending more and more money on things and shaving, whether a man or woman, is no exception. the price of razorblades is going up. it's easy for the average american to spend $500 on shaving supplies. why it's so expensive. is true that there's expensi
points in the ill-timed report. sluggish ad sales and loss at google's recently acquired motorola unit. >> over the long term they can grow through it. but for the next few quarters itlong will continue to be a problem for them. it >> what's going on here? >> mobile.hat's go we heard this. we even talked about this.. everybody is beginning to access ev the internet from the palm of their hand on their smartphone alm on their tablet and google is thei still trying like facebook to heir tab figure out how to do advertisingow that pays the same amount online a for the tablets and the smart phones as it does for the desk tops. it's definitely something that ones as i google is trying to figure out and it's a philosophical mething question as well as a it's technological question because once you work with that smaller on space everyone has access to the as a internet but it's harder to ause figure out how to put h advertising in that space. and not hurt the experience for the user. >> google or facebook has not figured it out. >> they are still working on it. >>> for the first
sales and loss at google's recently acquired motorola unit. >> over the long term they can grow through it. but for the next few quarters it will continue to be a problem for them. >> what's going on here? >> mobile. we heard this. we even talked about this. everybody is beginning to access the internet from the palm of their hand on their smartphone on their tablet and google is still trying like facebook to figure out how to do advertising that pays the same amount online for the tablets and the smart phones as it does for the desk tops. it's definitely something that google is trying to figure out and it's a philosophical question as well as a technological question because once you work with that smaller space everyone has access to the internet but it's harder to figure out how to put advertising in that space. >> google or facebook has not figured it out. >> they are still working on it. >> for the first time health officials found a deadly fungus in the deadly destroyed related to the outbreak. the steroids were supplied by a massachusetts pharmacy that's now being investigated f
in the quarter. this is the first quarter we'll have motorola. the other problem is we have the decline in clicks. many are paying less for google products. that's a troubling trend. >> the cost per click issue in my mind is completely overblown. without putting that in context of more clicks, people using their services more, it does not matter what the cost per click is. it matters how much money is overall. if peep really paying less per instance, that's not the issue. the issue is they are clearly making more money. this is only a positive for goodle over the long term. >> let me ask you, you clearly have it in the way that there's a different type of tech company now. i wonder if this is true, with facebook, apple and -- steve jobs in his pursuit of ideas, and for the technology with google, certainly, an arguably -- you also have it with facebook. are they different or at they winning at the moment and appear to be different from microsoft? >> there's been a big rise in the tech-oriented company that is pruz one product, step over and over it again. the enterprise market is still a lucrativ
that google owns motorola. i don't know if you saw this as well on ballmer. his income was published and he took a slight pay cut. he went from -- >> he's worth a billion dollars. >> but he was paid $1.4 million last year, or two years ago and went down to $1.3. >> that's a job i would not take. i wouldn't know what to do with microsoft. is that really the answer, tablets and phones? i might put all my resources into quantum physics. you know that the chemistry prize was handed out today. it was not for what you would consider pure chemistry. it was for figuring out the structure of a cell receptor. so it's all coming back to what we're trying to do, these g protein cell receptors and the chemical composition and actual structure of this thing. but everything is coming to -- it's not just pure chemistry anymore. >> should have a daily science segment. >> this is the week of the nobel prize. >> bill nye the science guy. >> i'm looking forward to the nobel peace prize. god know what is those guys will do this year. did you see that incredible girl in pakistan who kept going to school. you wou
. >> zagats. >> i think they'd prefer to go after larger versions of that. >> motorola, what happens to them? >> they're refining and focusing that company. it's going to slim down, they have slimmed down already and going to continue and focus on high-end products and what's interesting to me it's not really about the phones in a lot of ways. it's about tablets and it's about the internet of things, having the internet available on more devices. >> and you don't expect that to impact relationships with all the other manufacturers? >> i think it's a very fine line. >> it hasn't happened yet. >> i think it has happened in a way. the oems around the world are saying what's going on here? everyone was trying to figure it out. we're not going to see the new products from a combined company until the second half of next year. at that point we'll have a better sense of how this will play out with the other partners. >> in the grand battle between apple and google and it appears google is winning at some level not necessarily terms in market cap but market share at least on devices, do you expect t
feel good about, we're about 50% android and 50% iphone. so we got a great portfolio of the motorola devices the samsung devices as well as the apple devices and the tablets that go with those. so, you know, i feel really good about the position we are in our device portfolio. >> right. and as well you should. but again, to this fourth quarter issue, if they can't deliver for the holiday season, that could cause some hiccups, couldn't it? >> no, i don't think so. because we've got these other devices. the galaxy s3 has been a big one. microsoft is going to be launching their windows 8 phone which that new tile technology has been well received. so the thing that we've always prided ourselves on is not being a one-device company. and i think you see that in our growth and our profitability during the third quarter and i expect that to carry over into fourth. >> yeah, no doubt. of course, it's funny, though, we talk about a two-device world. android/iphone. are we done, lowell, thinking that rimm will be a viable competitor? nokia out with earnings this morning. are those the names sim
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